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Social Media that’s good for you. 

Phaant®️ is about bringing together all the pieces—the people and stories that make us who we are.


The problem we’re solving:

Social media has become increasingly toxic for relationships.

 Healthy relationships are good for us. We go to social media to connect, but end up comparing ourselves to others—which isn’t good for us and doesn’t give us the connection we need. We have more opportunities to connect, but we’re actually becoming less social and more lonely.

Social media has distorted what socializing means.
It’s gone from really getting to know someone and feeling like they know you, to marketing yourself.


Think about what we do online to try to connect:


 give people a “thumbs up” | talk or rant at no one |  communicate in memes or gifs | share everything—TMI! | put on disguises/masks/filters | post selfies and food pics | pretend we’re someone we’re not | share articles | watch people’s lives 

Now, imagine what it would be like to do those things with people in person.
Are you picturing it? Kind of silly or weird, right?
Maybe even a little creepy?

And often algorithms decide whether our community sees what we have to share in the first place.  In general, social media is a news feed. It updates us on the parts of people’s lives that they choose to show us.

Knowing what’s going on in a person’s life is different than feeling like others know you.

Feeling known, understood, that’s what helps us feel really connected.

Rather than being curious, social beings that truly interact, we’ve had to become experts at marketing ourselves—the assumption being that we are only valuable if enough people “buy” us. Instead of building and cherishing relationships, our socializing and self-worth now focuses on the number of likes we get. We’ve traded connection—real relationships—for likeability. Likeability doesn’t sustain us, yet we’ve been made to believe that the quantity of our likes or followers will make us feel better. Instead, we should be building better quality relationships.

Social media has become exhausting and draining—often making people feel and act worse, not better. 

Phaant’s goal is to change that.



Our Solution 

Phaant®️ helps you connect, create, save, and share together. It’s a social platform where you capture your story while connecting with your loved ones through memories and shared experiences—the things that make you you. It’s social media that helps bring out the best in us.

What makes Phaant different?

  •  Save, share, collect, and enjoy your stories and memories in many formats.

  •  Settings and a code of conduct that ensure respect and privacy for all.

  • Designed by a relationship expert, based on research, and motivated by love.

  • Geared toward engagement, not entertainment. There's no “like” button, no articles, no filters, no flower crowns, no invasive ads.

  • As a Social Purpose Corporation, doing good is at the core of our business.

Learn more about our journey here.


Who we are & What we value 

Phaant®️ is the brainchild of Margaret Prescott, an artist, entrepreneur, and relationship expert who is motivated to address the growing isolation and divisiveness in the world. Margaret brings her understanding and talents for helping people feel connected to the digital space, and leads a team of creative, passionate individuals who share her vision. 

Our mission is informed by our values. We believe in fostering a respectful environment where people feel heard and listen to others. We promote curiosity and believe that we learn more about the world and ourselves when we consider multiple perspectives. We know that connecting with others often involves a certain amount of vulnerability—we aim to create a trustworthy space where people can be true to themselves—enabling them to learn, grow, and connect with others. Furthermore, we recognize the importance of history and preserving the memories and stories that record it.

To ensure the success of our mission, we’ve chosen to register as a Social Purpose Corporation (SPC) instead of a traditional one. Traditional corporations, such as C Corps, exist to satisfy the demands of the stockholders and investors first. By being an SPC, Phaant can ensure that our mission comes first – taking care of you.


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